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5 Benefits of Exposing Your Children to Modern Technology

In this generations, many parents are providing handheld tablets for their kids so that they can get exposed to computer from a young age. But parents are also questioning whether it is right for them to let their children use tablets as it can also lead to bad influence. In addition, staring at screen too long can damage the eyesight. The following are 5 benefits for allowing your children to be exposed to modern technology.

1. Improve Hand Eye Coordination

It can help your kids to improve hand eye coordination, for example, the kids look at a picture on the screen and draw it on a piece of paper. This activity requires the kid to look back the screen from time to time while he continue drawing. Hands eye coordination skill is important for children who are in elementary school.

2. Build Problem Solving Skills

If you let your child access the internet, through a reliable provider such as spectrum internet, he will start to play web games. Some of these web games are educational and can build problem skills in the child. Games that have problem-solving elements encourage the kid to think which can help with their cognitive development. Regularly playing problem-solving games also allows the kids to develop creativity skills.

3. Improve Language Skills

Parents can bookmark storybook sites like Gutenberg to allow their children to read stories on their tablets. Reading stories and novels can improve your kid’s language skills. When he has some words that he don’t understand, he can easily look up the meaning in the online dictionary. Gutenberg provide almost all their storybook in the form of downloadable PDFs. If you are a parent, you can download the story in PDF and read it with your kid.

Using a PDF Editor, you can make annotation on the PDF as you explain the story to your kid. You can find more than one PDF stories for your kids to read and merge them. To merge the PDF, click on the Merge Files button and throw in all the PDF in the white pop up window. Finally, you can press the merge button to merge them. Get more details at

If the PDF story does not have picture, you can find some free pictures that relevant to the story and include them in the PDF. In Movavi PDF Editor, you can first import the picture by dragging it to the file drop zone within the blue dashed frame on the first screen you see. In pages mode, select the Edit Object button and copy the image. Now, switch to the PDF story tab and go to the page where you want to paste the image.

4. Improve the Kid’s Attention to Details

Playing games online allow the children to improve their abilities to pay attention to details. When your child is fixed to the screen, it is probably that he is planning on what to do to next to progress in the game. He will have to pay attention every detail on the game screen to achieve this.

5. Build Motivation

Exposing kids to technology can also build up motivation in them. For example, when playing games, the kid is required to complete a task in order to pass on to another level. It also requires a lot of discipline for a kid to play all the levels until he finally wins the game. He will get to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving something when he win the game. Although winning games only require small discipline, it has a big influence on the child that is growing up and it will eventually transfer into real life as he becomes more mature.