Innovative Baby Products And Design Concepts

Each year the baby industry sees a huge amount of new tech and gadgets which parents can use for all manner of baby care issues. Over the years we have seen the emergence of monitors with live video feeds, phone apps which can help us to look after our baby in the right way as well as a huge array of medical apps to ensure that our baby is fit and healthy. This year is no different and there are currently some highly exciting gadgets on the market which parents will love. We took a look at some of the most exciting products from the baby show in Toronto and here is our run down of some of the best that we have seen so far in 2018.

Braun No Touch Thermometer

Checking your baby’s temperature is the best way to avoid illness or at least to spot it early and for many parents it can become something of an obsession. This offering from Braun is the best thermometer that we have seen, and its non-invasive measuring tool is the biggest benefit. Instead of wrestling with your child to check their temperature, simply place the thermometer directly on their forehead and get the reading within seconds.

4moms mambo Swing

How many times have you put the baby in the car for a drive,  just wishing that they would finally nod off and get some sleep? The perfect solution to this issue is the 4moms mamaRoo Swing, a wonderful product for your baby to use and a surefire way of helping them sleep. The product is a mixture between a bouncy chair and a swing and it moves automatically depending on which of the 5 movement settings that you use. Within just a few minutes of using this, your baby will be sleeping in no time.

Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor 

As aforementioned baby monitors are very different now than they used to be and these days we cannot just hear our baby, but also see them. The Summer baby monitor allows you to have a live feed to your baby’s crib, meaning that you can monitor every single noise or whimper that your child makes. Nervous first-time parents love this product and they can even use their phones to watch what their baby is doing.

Willow Hands-Free Breast Pump 

There will be no more clunky and clumsy equipment to carry around for mums who are expressing milk once they start using this fabulous product from Willow. The hands free breast pump fits in your bra and is very quiet too which means that mums can express on the go, without any worries about their breasts buzzing in public! This is the perfect solution for any mum that wants to express, especially if she is on the go.

What are your favorite pieces of baby tech? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.