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Portable GPS Trackers Make a Great Gift for Friends with Small Children

Do you have friends with small children that you would like to give a thoughtful and useful gift? Something that they can use regularly 2 assist them with keeping their young children safe in a dangerous and uncertain world?

There are many options for these types of gifts and entire Industries have been built to soothe parental anxiety about the safety of the children. Today there are devices that can play a large role in children’ safety. Here are a few that you should consider if you were looking for the ideal gift for parents with small children.

Portable GPS Tracker

Portable GPS trackers are Small located devices that are placed on the child and can pinpoint a child’s whereabouts instantly.  One of the biggest fears of any parent occurs when they lose sight of their small child in a public place, on the way to school, or in a crowd. Thoughts of fear and dread flood the parents mind and every terrible scenario pops up as a possibility. If the parents are left to Brian physically locate their child with no leads as to where the child is gone, even if the child is finally found the stress and anxiety related to the incident can be more than overwhelming.

Many portable GPS tracking devices allow for Real Time GPS meaning that you can locate your child using your phone, or an inexpensive locator device that will sound an alarm on your child. This loud noise will assist 2 put it into any danger and will immediately alert anyone who has taking your child that you know who they are. The device can also function as a deterrent, to anyone seeking to harm or take your child. Portable GPS trackers are a great gift for parents with small children.

A Quality Life Jacket

In jarring statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we know that drowning is the second leading cause of death for kids age 1 to 14. In 2016, more than 3,500 children were injured and more than 700 died drowning. Of those who drowned, 9 out of 10 were not wearing a life jacket. Children who cannot swim and even those who do not swim well should always wear a quality life jacket when they are in or near water. This includes in a swimming pool or spa and on a boat. A young person only need several seconds underwater for them to drown and a life jacket made to the highest regulations is the only thing guaranteed to keep this from happening.

Many parents purchase cheap floatation devices and feel comfortable in letting their children use them to keep their heads above water, but the reality is that these devices are usually poorly manufactured and are not made to provide safety in all likely situations that will produce drowning.

Buying a quality life jacket as a gift for parents with young children and making sure that they use it will give peace of mind to the parents and you and provide the highest level of safety for small kids.