3 Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Many homeowners never think of the energy they are utilizing in their homes – let alone saving energy – until after receiving an outrageous bill. However, it would be smart to take heed of energy saving tips, since they not only save money for a homeowner but raise awareness to the effect of energy consumption on our environment and what homeowners can do about it. To help you do your part for the environment, and lower your energy bill, here are the 3 most common and easy energy saving tips you can apply to your home.

1. Lighting 

One of the easiest and simplest ways to achieve efficient energy use is by using LED lighting throughout the most used rooms in a home. Because of the long lifespan of these bulbs, which are capable of lasting longer than incandescent light bulbs by up to 25 times, LEDs are substantially more efficient than standard fluorescent lighting.

Without the need for warm-up time like most fluorescent tubing lights, LEDs are able to arrive at full brightness almost immediately and have a prolonged life, much more than its predecessor, fluorescent tube lighting, saving a homeowner money on a yearly basis. Some LED lighting fixtures and bulbs require a professional to install LED lights. If you’re unable to perform or install LED lights due to electrical issues or lack of knowledge, please consult with or call an electrician like AttaBoy Electric who can install them safely and professionally.

2. Windows 

One of the main concerns for homeowners about saving energy during the winter months is old man winter’s draft. While replacing screened windows is an often-overlooked solution, the bitter-cold breeze is avoided by installing storm windows, which will inhibit the airflow at these entry points. Using certified windows coupled with storm windows will help reduce heating and A/C bills while providing a controlled temperature within the home. And, as an added bonus, you home will feel warmer during those harsh winter months.

3. Weatherproofing

The last tip is for saving energy is to weatherproof all entry points where air can either enter or escape the home. At pretty much any local hardware store, you can purchase weather-stripping and caulking to reinforce and protect doors and windows. Also, if a homeowner has questions regarding how to apply the caulking or weather stripping to the entry points, an advisor in your local hardware store will more than likely provide information and instruction on how to do so. Weatherproofing is an easy proactive way to save energy and potentially up the resale value of your home.

Although there are many other ways, these are some of the most important ways a homeowner can save energy in their home. By following these ideas and keeping an eye on a home’s airflow, as well as performing regular maintenance checks to remain current and efficient, you and your family will enjoy the winter months and all of its elements. And always remember: if you are unsure, please call an electrician.