5 Reasons to Treat Your Dog’s Ailments with Cannabis

As news of cannabis’ transition into the mainstream continues to make headlines and more people are becoming aware of the possibility of using it as a treatment for a variety of conditions, many dog owners are wondering if cannabis is right for their canine companion. If you’ve been hesitant to give your furry friend cannabis, you might still be worried that it could have some negative effects on them, or you might be duped by the classic societal stigma that has surrounded this herb for about a century. Let go of the stereotype and consider the following five reasons why treating your dog’s ailments with cannabis is actually a good idea:


1. There’s Been a Rise in the Number of Doggy Cannabis Products

A few years ago, if you wanted to treat your dog’s ailments with cannabis you would have to make them a home-made tincture or edibles yourself. With the rise of manufactured CBD-based medicines in the past few years, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of veterinarian cannabis medicines on the market. In fact, with all of the variety available, simply choosing the right cannabis product for your dog can be a challenge now. 

2. Dogs Love It

If you’ve ever known anyone who has left their “stash” around their dog and returned to discover that it had been eaten, then you know that dogs tend to gravitate towards the smell of cannabis. These same terpenes and aromas are present in many doggy cannabis medicines, so they’ll look forward to their treatments. 

3. It Can Help With Their Anxiety or Other Behavioral Issues

If your dog has trouble staying calm in social environments and you need something to help them relax, there are a variety of cannabis-based anti-anxiety medicines available for dogs. Likewise, if your dog has trouble being left alone in the house or seems to get too excited on car rides, cannabis could help with that. 

4. CBD is Completely Non-Toxic

Many dog owners are concerned about giving their buddy any kind of prescription medications because they’re worried about the possibility of negative reactions. Cannabis is one of the mildest medicines and it is remarkably non-toxic considering it’s pronounced effects. While giving your dog unprocessed marijuana might not be the best idea, CBD-based dog medicines are considered safe. 

5. You and Your Dog Can Share the Same Medicine

Finally, one more bonus reason why cannabis is a great medicinal choice for your dog is that you could hypothetically share the same medicine. If you decide to make some edibles for yourself, there’s no rule against sharing with your dog, and they’ll probably love you for it. 

Cannabis for Pets is Becoming Increasingly Accepted

Another factor that’s worth mentioning is the widespread acceptance of cannabis as medicine, which has only really emerged in the past decade. Not too long ago, the idea of giving your dog cannabis would have been considered taboo, but with knowledge of the safety and efficacy of cannabis as a medicine spreading, many people are starting to abandon the negative stereotype that was perpetuated by decades of inaccurate and slanderous propaganda.