Are you familiar with the sauna?

Over the years, no one has used saunas for health and pleasure more frequently than Finns. 90% of people in Finland utilize a sauna at least once every week. Additionally, individuals in other countries, particularly in the United States, are becoming more aware of the beauty and health benefits of saunas and starting to include “saunaing” (yes, that is a real word!) into their everyday lives. People use saunas in their homes, spas, and the locker rooms of fitness centers. Finnish culture and other Scandinavian cultures both love the sauna. Many homes are built with an in-home sauna, and coworkers frequently socialize in the sauna in a similar way to how American employees enjoy happy hour. Saunas have been for a long time and, in in addition to providing relaxation, have several health benefits. Regular sauna use may lengthen your life and enhance your skin, circulation, heart health, stamina, and ability to rid your body of toxins. It may also lower pain and inflammation. Something so fundamental that improves wellbeing and calms the body and mind? We would gain something from spending some time to rest in a sauna. Saunas can be found in spas, fitness centers, or even in homes with indoor saunas. However, to make a private sauna at home, the price ranges from $6,000 to $11,000+. Is there a different option we can use saunas in our everyday life? Introducing you ZZIM NANG, a useful, multifunctional carbon fiber blanket that will let you have an everyday far infrared dry sauna experience whenever and wherever you like.

Introducing a private far-infrared for you only.

ZZIM NANG employs long-wavelength far-infrared technology to make you sweat. You don’t have to feel the awkwardness of when taking a sauna in a room full of people you don’t know; you can make yourself sweat in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need for you to bother about cleaning. Simply wipe ZZIM NANG off with a damp towel after sweating, then turn on the electricity for around 10 minutes to deodorize it. The far infrared wavelengths will aid in getting rid of any stench that may still be there, leaving your blanket clean and fresh.

The most effective multipurpose carbon fiber blanket you have ever used.

ZZIM NANG has strings on both sides and a zipper like a hoodie. Open the zipper when you need a sleeping bag. Place yourself in ZZIM NANG and zip it up before going to bed. It’s usually difficult to move your arms in a sleeping bag. ZZIM NANG, however, has two arm slots for when you need to use your hands. ZZIM NANG can be used as a cozy mat by just laying it on the ground. There are two more uses for ZZIM NANG, but let’s leave them as surprise so you can enjoy finding them.

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ZZIM NANG was developed so that people could take advantage of a far-infrared sauna whenever and wherever they wanted. They were developed for people with high response to the cold as well as for people who live in areas with severe winters. Above all else, they prioritized portability and compactness for their product. On Kickstarter, you may pledge a far infrared sauna with a variety of extra features built of secure and lightweight carbon fiber.