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Your Interstate Move can be Cheap and Safe. Here’s How.

How much does it cost to move interstate? Depending on how much stuff you have to get from one place to another, it can be costly and challenging. Perhaps you live on a hill or out in the country. Maybe you have been there for a really long period of time and you have lots of heavy and difficult things to move. Perhaps you require what will look to be a team of people spending hours in your home and going through lots of personal and difficult to decipher things you have not thought about for a long while.

There is an element of danger as well because you will have strange people in your home with access to much of your valuables. Many people lost valuables in a move and do not realize it until months later because they simply had no idea the things were gone. At that point calling a moving company and blaming them for your things missing is nearly impossible. There is also the danger of having strangers move your valuables. Yes many moving companies say they are delicate with your things, but does anyone ever really care for your stuff like you do? Also the fear of loss is high often because many of your belongings are simply not replaceable. So even in the event of a mistake, it can still spell a disaster for you and your family.

There are the real challenges with an interstate move and why you should consider an option for your moving that puts all of these concerns aside.

The Self-Packing Moving Company Option

Perhaps the best option for your interstate move is to hire a moving company that works to put aside your most prevalent fears about moving. Their strategy is to provide for you a shipping container that is large enough to fit all of your belongings right in front of your existing home. You the fill this shipping container with your belongings. Then it is sealed and transported interstate to your new home and left there. You get to your new home, unseal it and pack your belongings in your new home.

This type of moving company strategy adds benefits and removes much of the stress from your move. Since only you handle your personal belongings there is no need to worry about someone breaking or losing your stuff. You can choose to pack things as carefully as you like and place an emphasis on those items that are particularly delicate or special.  The concern about theft is also completely eliminated because only you seal and open the container. Take the time you need to pack and place things with no worry about workers being on the clock. And perhaps best of all, you can pick the size of the container you need. And best of all is the cost savings to you. The cost of this type of mover is usually 50% of a traditional moving company.

If you want to solve your biggest concern about an interstate move, cost and safety, your best option is a self-packing moving company.