This Summer, Get Active With A New Trampoline

With spring already here, and a scorching summer predicted to be on the way, the overriding impulse might be to stay indoors with the air-conditioning on, swearing off exercise until some milder weather hits. But summer exercise doesn’t need to be gruelling – nor does it need to be boring.

This summer’s hottest exercise trend might just be the trampoline. No longer just a backyard toy, the trampoline doubles up as a very effective exercise device, one that can be used by the entire family. This article will look at the different ways in which a trampoline can improve your health and wellbeing, as well as what to look for in a great trampoline.

It should come as no surprise that a trampoline offers a good cardio workout. Whether you use it recreationally, enjoying a leisurely bounce with your kids every evening, or in an altogether more fitness-minded way, incorporating it into a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, you can rely upon the trampoline to burn some calories.

And not only does it burn calories, it does so with minimal strain on your joints and muscles. Whereas running or rugby – to name a couple popular forms of exercise – put a lot of undue stress on your knees, bouncing is very low impact, and therefore better for those worried about injury or re-injury.

In addition to the aerobic workout, you also get a muscle workout, specifically for the calf muscles, glutes and quads. Rather than doing a “leg day” at the gym, which can be inconvenient and, frankly, tedious, why not just bounce on a fun trampoline and reap the same benefits? That illustrates, ultimately, the most important distinction between a trampoline and other exercise devices: whereas most exercise is boring, trampolines are not. This makes it a great alternative for the whole family, a fun way to get kids active in the summer.

Kids love bouncing on the trampoline, and in doing so they get a form of exercise that doesn’t sacrifice on fun. They can have their friends over for a bounce, and, provided that there is an adult nearby to supervise, they get easy access to a fun and heart healthy activity.

But choosing a trampoline for you and your family isn’t easy. You are essentially looking at three criteria: performance, safety and durability. You want a safe trampoline like the ones from Springfree Trampoline Australia that are also well made and can resist the punishing UV rays. Poorly made trampolines, aside from have unsafe, exposed springs, won’t last long in extreme temperatures, meaning that you won’t get as much exercise out of your investment.

It is no wonder trampolining is one of 2018’s biggest fitness trends. It’s fun, healthy, low-impact and great for people of all ages. Provided that you find a safe trampoline, one that is able to withstand the scorching Australian summer, you are going to be smitten. A trampoline is, without a doubt, the best thing that will happen to your backyard this summer.