Botox for Mommies and Not Only

A lot of people, especially those of us who at some point in our lives chose to stay home and take care of our children, eventually start realizing how mercilessly time has treated us all. Waking up every day and facing an ageing reflection in the mirror is not an easy thing to do. And a mommy who is home most of the day has – for better or worse – unlimited number of opportunities to examine all her facial alternations. 

The truth is: people all across the world get very sad by the very reflection of themselves because of – whether you admit it or not – wrinkles. Wrinkles are unquestionably evil that makes us feel very, very unhappy. But hang on for a sec. Is there any point in being unhappy over wrinkles and other facial lines? Probably whining over once unblemished looks is the thing of the past. Scientist as well as doctors all over the world havebeen working tirelessly to ensure that this problem vanishes and – to be frank here – these people did succeed in creating various solution to the omnipresent facial lines. The solution comes in many forms but the most popular one is – without a doubt – Botox. 

Well over 11 million Americans have used this minimally invasive procedure to conceal the aforementioned signs of ageing. You might be wondering why Botox is so popular. The answer is quite simple though – 1) Botox is extremely safe and 2) it’s extremely effective. 

Safety and affordability aside, Botox happens to be number one choices for millions of people because of its affordability. Just think about this – there are numerous accredited clinics all over the world that specialize in Botox injections. Say, you are interested in Botox NYC options. What do you do to get the best of Botox NYC? Simple: you go ahead and browse “Botox NYC” and get exposed to many, many online reviews left by various Botox NYC patients. By checking the reviews you can easily access your perfect Botox NYC choice and get your injections super quickly. 

Fully aware that you might still doubt whether Botox is the option to go with, we are here to talk about how it works and if it’s a good idea for mommies and to-be mommies to use it. So let’s start with how it works. 

Mechanism Based on Simplicity

Botox is an injection of Botulinum toxin into the problematic area. It’s important to note right away that these injections are virtually painless, hurting no more than a mosquito bite would. If you are still scared of the needle touching your skin, you could go ahead and ask your doctor to apply some numbing or cooling cream onto the area to ensure there is absolutely no pain associated with these injections. 

Now back to the mechanism behind Botox. The doctor injects Botox into the area that is covered in various wrinkles as well as other age-related lines. In no way does the substance spread through the body because it’s forced to stay where it was injected. In other words, Botox does its miracles only in and around the problematic area. 

But the question that you might still be contemplating is how Botox manages to conceal wrinkles. The answer isagain quite simple: after having been injected, the substance blocks the muscles responsible for making these lines visible. In other words, it doesn’t affect your body anyhow; instead, it deals with the muscles that allow wrinkles to appear. 

This safe mechanism led to Botox’s widespread approval. Most importantly, it got approved by the most serious public health organization – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – in 2002. Scientists at FDA performed a wide range of clinical trials and concluded that Botox is safe when it comes to treating age-related facial lines. And the main reason why FDA finally approved this scientific miracle lies in the rich history it has. Botulinum toxin was discovered by a German doctor Justinus Kerner around two centuries ago, in 1820. This leads to a simple conclusion: scientists all around the world had plenty of time to study Botox in and out. And yes they did! 

How About Moms?

No studies have been conducted on the effects of Botox on mothers and to be mothers for apparent reasons. However, doctors all around the world strongly urge against using any artificial substances – including Botox – when pregnant to ensure the risks of the child getting affected by the substance is zero. 

Same advice is given to moms who breastfeed. The reason is the same – that is, to ensure that there is absolutely no risk of having the child get affected by Botulinum toxin. 


So, overall, it’s not the best idea for mommies and to-be mommies to use Botox. It’s better to wait until breastfeeding is over. Once you are on your own, you can go ahead and use Botox!