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Cheap and amazing ways to decorate a room

We all want that beautiful room that looks like it is straight out of a magazine, however, not all of us (read most of us) can afford the prices of a professional decorator or the price of the high-end products they use. Not all is lost though; there are ways to make a room look like architect digest on a local newspaper budget.


The simplest and easiest way to change the look and feel of a room is paint. We don’t just mean paint the room a different color of eggshell, we mean to make some bold statements. Paint only one wall a deep forest green or deep burgundy. Use that as a focal point to draw the eye to that wall and put some amazing art piece or painting on that wall. Just walk in the room and imagine what the first thing you would see is.

Craft stores

Craft stores are a great resource. You might think of a bunch of old ladies making flower arrangements if you have never been to one, but you would be mistaken (ok, not completely mistaken, but still). You can find many tools that can take your room decoration to the next level. Tools such as stencils. You can run a stencil pattern along the edges of the walls, or in stripes, or pretty much any design you want. There are hundreds of tools and ideas that you can get from a craft store. Explore and use your imagination.

Outside of the box

There are hundreds of design ideas online, but the important ones that you need to address, are just thinking outside of the box. Don’t let yourself fall for normalcy. Be cutting edge. Do crazy things and see how it looks. Not everyone will love it, but then as you can’t please everyone, you just have to please yourself. Paint grass along the baseboard, or spray leaves all over the wall, just use your imagination.

Downtown b2b stores

Another interesting place to go for decorating ideas is business to business stores that supply various things to business. You can find everything from dried flowers to display cases, and usually at a good price. For example, you can buy 16 of the same vase and put them 4 by 4 on four shelves, and fill each one with a different colored cellophane or flower. Very simple, very cheap, and very striking.

Going out of business

This is one we have had great luck with in the past. It’s very much out of the box thinking. There are always stores and boutiques going out of business. Keep an eye out for them and you can often pick up some very cool items that you can repurpose to your home. We bought about 50 glass cubes once that clip together as a display unit. We put that all along the wall in the main room and it made a unique and beautiful focal piece. There are all sorts of display units, wall pieces, decoration, etc. that you can get from stores going out of business, and you can get them for pennies on the dollar. Often there are companies that buy everything up, but the pieces that you want are generally ones that they don’t care about. Next time you are in a chic store, look at their decorations and layout and ask yourself how some of that would look in your house.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a place look like a million dollars; you just have to be a bit creative. Go for bold statements, don’t clutter, and give it focal points. If you aren’t sure what to do, go online and look at expensive houses for sale. See what they did and how they made the rooms. That is the easy way to piggyback on some great interior designers work. It can give you ideas for how you can make yours look. Be bold, experiment, and soon people will be asking you to help them design their homes too.