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Review of Strendy Reusuable Sandwich Bags

We bought some of these Strendy reusable sandwich bags a month ago on Amazon having had some issues in the past with similar products. The issues which we have run into in the past is that sandwich bags can break after a short while, they can be limited in terms of what you can put in them and unfortunately the design quality often isn’t there.

Here is my review of Strendy bags!

As a family of 5 sandwich bags are something which we use daily for the kids packed lunches, storing leftover meals and portioning up things which we buy and keeping them in the freezer. These Strendy bags turned out to be the perfect solution for us and here is why.

Various Sizes

We bought one 8 pack of Strendy bags for $13.99 and the first thing that surprised us was that there were 2 different sized bags in the pack. The mixture of sizes was absolutely ideal because too many times have we had to put 6 cherry tomatoes in a huge sandwich bag, or tried to squeeze half a baguette into a tiny bag. Anyone with kids will know that having the option of different sizes without buying a separate pack for each is massively beneficial.

Strendy Bags are Environmentally Conscious

The fact that these bags are reusable is brilliant and it can greatly help you to reduce how much waste plastic you contribute to each year. We have tried reusable bags in the past but normally even after washing them they still smell of whatever was in there before, and they usually stain pretty quickly. After a month of using the Strendy bags however we haven’t run into any issues at all and after a quick wash they are like new again.

Great Seals

The seals on these bags are excellently designed and no matter where you store them you won’t find the seals popping open. Because of this we happily put liquids in the bags, safe in the knowledge that they aren’t going to spill all over your backpack, or burst open in the fridge. Even after washing multiple times the seals are just as strong as when we first bought them.


We have used these bags for just about everything from packed lunches to storing frozen food, we even used a couple to store our toiletries in when we traveled abroad last week. Many sandwich bags can’t deal with the freezer and they can often get damaged or pop open, the Strendy bags do not come with such issues.

For me these will be the bags that my family use going forward, they do everything that they are supposed to do, they are reasonably priced and you can use them for all of your storage needs, 5 stars from this household!

You can find the Strendy reusuable sanwich bags I bought on amazon here.