When it Comes to Gaming Headsets, Go with Big Brands

When searching for your gaming headset, have you ever felt like you’re always reaching for something you can’t have? Maybe, perceived value is all in your head. In general, what is it that makes us want the best of the best? Why are we always chasing things we can’t have whether it’s a dream job or even the perfect body

Instead of letting go, and letting the process sort itself out, you become even more fixated on getting the best headset in the world. And, the more expensive a headset is, the more we think “it must really be worth it” if it costs so much. 

Don’t let your mind go into overdrive. Some gaming headsets are expensive for no other reason than the manufacturer wants to give it the appearance of exclusivity. In reality, you can probably find multiple headsets with better features that also cost less. If you’re overwhelmed with choices, it can be difficult to make a decision. 

In a world filled with options, some are better than others 

Yes, there are tons of headsets that seem like the same product with a different brand name slapped on top. Look, we hate those types of headsets too. But then there are gaming headsets that truly set themselves apart from the pack. 


Even the name sounds cool, right? The Khan AIMO headset offers excellent sound quality with hi-res 7.1 surround sound. Not to mention it is both stylish and comfortable, with cool customizable LED illumination and comfort memory foam earpads. How can you go wrong?

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + Superamp

There’s a reason why Turtle Beach headsets make so many “Best of” lists, they’re just that darned good! If you can call a headset “sexy,” this would be it. Why do they have such balanced audio reproduction? Because they come with large 50mm drivers. This is the brand used by the world’s leading esports teams after all. Which is why many consider them to be some of the best gaming headsets around.

Final thought

Don’t give into the mind games. Not every headset is created equal, but we’ve listed some of the best ones here. As you can see, price isn’t always the most important factor. What’s most critical is whether the headset fits your lifestyle and your gaming style. So then, don’t feel overwhelmed by all your choices. Stick to the few we have listed, and make your selections from our list.