Cheap and Easy Ways To Update Your Home

Whether you’re planning on selling your property and want to give your home a quick makeover to impress potential buyers who are coming to view your home, or whether you simply want to give your rooms a facelift so your house is a more pleasant place to live, there are lots of easy yet cheap ways to update your home without having to spend a fortune. You don’t always have to makeover your home to sell it, Crawford Home Buyers and others like them will buy it as-is, however, if you feel like it would be worth it to do, there is nothing stopping you from giving it a quick once over.

If you’re redecorating on a budget you needn’t think that you’re stuck with your outdated and tired old décor. There are lots of things you can do which won’t break the bank but which will make a big difference to the appearance of your property.

Change Your Front Door

Kerb appeal is a key element to any beautiful home, so think about changing your front door as an affordable way to make a difference. If you can’t afford to buy a new door, you can simply give your old one a new coat of paint and perhaps buy some new stylish door accessories such as numbers or a new knocker which will add visual appeal without costing the Earth.

Add A Feature Wall

If you have a chimney breast wall, you can add more eye-catching interest to your room by buying a pot of paint or a couple of rolls of wallpaper and making a feature wall. Choose a dramatic color or unusual pattern and within a few hours you’ll have a beautiful focal point for your space without having to spend a fortune.

Change Your Faucets

Old and ugly faucets can really spoil the look of your kitchen or bathroom, and since these are key areas for anyone interested in buying a property it’s time to think about making changes. Instead of installing a new sink, why not just switch out the faucets instead? There are lots of different options out there which can add a glamorous look to your room without costing too much. Whether you’re keen to bring a vintage look to your bathroom with brass faucets or whether you’d rather have a modern look with brushed chrome, you’re sure to find something perfect for you showcased on

Add Some Textiles

You can easily buy cheap rugs, throws and cushions which will add a brand new touch of style to your living room or bedroom. Without spending a fortune, these textiles will upgrade your space exponentially, adding color and drama with minimal effort on your behalf. Whether you choose textiles that match your existing décor or whether you choose to add pops of vibrant color with contemporary patterns and shades, you’ll find this the easiest and cheapest way to update your look.

A Coat Of Paint

Paint is very affordable, yet has the power to transform any space. A quick coat of paint will add a fresh new look to any room, and whether you go for a neutral look or something brighter and more colorful, you’ll love the brand new look. Choose light colors if you have a small room to maximize the brightness of your space.

New Kitchen Hardware

Upgrading your kitchen needn’t cost a fortune. Simply replace your old, boring drawer pulls and cabinet handles with new, modern ones. There are lots of different styles and materials available, so you can choose something that really matches your preferences. While you’re upgrading your cabinets and drawers, why not give them a fresh coat of paint at the same time? Plenty of places also offer discount kitchen cabinets, which can save you a great deal of money than buying brand new ones. Your kitchen will enjoy a completely new feel at a fraction of the cost of having a complete refit.

Change Your Drapes

Curtains and drapes can really affect the appearance of any room, so replace your tired old ones with something new and exciting. Whether you opt for some beautiful voiles that let the light through to its best advantage or whether you choose heavier drapes that add a hint of luxury to your space, changing your window hangings can make a real difference to any room without costing too much money.

Incorporate these design ideas on a budget into your home and enjoy a stylish new house without having to take out another mortgage! You’re sure to love the results.