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Creative DIY projects to make a hipster home

There are just so many cool and hip projects you can do for making your hipster house a home. It’s all about making it yours, part of your personality. When you walk into a room, you want to feel that it is filled with your spirit and who you are. Whether that means filling it with retro toys or western tintypes, it doesn’t matter, it’s who you are. Of course, you also want the bragging rights to be able to tell people about everything in the room and why it is so important. That becomes easy though when it is things that you love. We aren’t so much going to tell you about individual projects here, we are more going to try and get your head thinking in the right way.


Not everyone loves old toys, but, they are always a great talking piece and give great bragging rights. Just having the old cliché of a wind-up monkey with cymbals on a shelf can be a great talking point. Toys have a story, shall we say (cough) a toy story? Ok, couldn’t pass that one up, but really, there are toys that you had when you were a child, and toys your grandparents had. They all have stories and can bring a warm feeling to a place. Making a box display case to go on a wall is easy and can be done so many different ways to make it a work of art. Extra points if it has a large old-fashioned picture frame. It will make a wonderful focal piece for a room.


Old posters or photographs can be used in decorations in many more ways than the standard of stick them in a frame and put them on the wall. You can make transfers from a computer printout and iron them onto throw cushions, or even tile a solid color sofa with them as well. You can layer them onto table tops, and even a dining room table for a truly unique look. It is easy, and striking, and definitely something to talk about. Especially if you know the history of the images you are using.

Ceiling lamp covers

This is another one of those easy to do but yet amazingly striking projects. You just need to think outside of the box. You can do something simple as colored straws hot glued onto an old water bottle, or take it all the way to taking an old wrought iron gate and mounting lights on it and hanging it as a chandelier. Think outside of the box, ask yourself what can I hang there with lights that would look cool. People forget how much a hanging lamp can make a difference to a room, so use it and make it yours.

You can go to Ikea and pick a nice room, or you can forget the mainstream and take charge of your living area and experiment. The worst that can happen if you don’t like it is change it to something else again later. If you DIY and are creative you won’t be wasting a pile of money that you would spend in that antique store. Look at re-purposing things. Attach a big square tile to the top of an old tricycle for an end table. Use your imagination. Think of all the things that you love and then work them into your DIY projects in a room. You can go online and find hundreds of projects, but the best ones are the ones you came up with yourself, so dream.