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Hipster decorating and how to do it right

Hipster decorating isn’t really a new thing, the same basic decorating styles have been around for a long time. In the old days, it was called shabby chic, or simple hippie living. These days though, we might spend money on things that look salvaged, but cost like new just to get the look. Here is where we need to say how to do Hipster decorating right. You need to use your imagination and step outside the normal box of thinking. Instead of shopping at the store and picking up some old beat up window frame that has been made into a mirror, you are better off using your imagination. Look at what is around you, and see how you can re-purpose it. It’s a little bit more DIY than you would do just buying, but it is a whole lot more gratifying. It also gives you a whole lot more hipster cred and bragging rights, telling how you did it. Here are a few examples.

Old doors

Old doors are one of those things that are amazingly useful and can be turned into many different things. Everything from a great desk, to a headboard for a bed. If it’s a glass door, you can make an amazing wall mural by putting everything from pictures to dried flowers under the glass. Keep an eye out for old doors that friends or anyone in the area are throwing away.

Old windows

Old windows are another great source of wall decorations as well as end tables. They are a little harder to get than old doors, but if you look around, especially if there are any houses that have been torn down in the area, you will find many. They make great mirror frames, or picture frames, to go on the wall. Depending on the look, you might have to give them a bit of a sanding and spray, but they can really look great.


Weathered wood, even if it’s broken and torn can be used to make some unique things. There are people that take broken wood, pour some colored or clear acrylic, and make it a whole piece. It can become a table that you would pay thousands for in a high-end shop. You can do the same with pipes, or almost anything. Don’t look at it as trash, ask yourself what can you make with it that would look awesome.

A note on pallets

Just a quick note on pallets as there are a lot of ideas and tutorials online for using pallets. Generally, this is NOT a good idea. Most pallets have been sprayed heavily with toxins and poison to stop rot and insects, and that will carry into your home. Unless you know, it is just best to avoid pallets for design. If you really want a pallet though,you can always make your own, they are not that hard.

Thrift stores, Junkyards and Garage sales, oh my!

When you go to these places, you have to think about what you can repurpose and use. If something is cheap enough, you can do some pretty nice things. They are selling some bowling balls? Well, use them as legs on a table or sofa. You just have to ask yourself “what can I make out of this”. A good idea is to make a list of things that you can make, table, chairs, magazine stand, wall decorations, closets, anything in your home. Then when you see things that look interesting, go through the list and ask yourself if you could make something from the list with it.

Regardless of what project you choose to do, and there are many suggestions online, the most important thing is to use your imagination and experiment. Buying some paint, varnish, and a few tools will take you a very long way to making that awesome hipster room, as well as save you a lot of money in the process. Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than saving a pile of money and having bragging rights at the same time. Dream a little.