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How to choose the right denim jacket

Probably one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe, regardless if you are a man or a woman, is the denim jacket. It is one of those things that never go out of style. It can be worn casually or as an accessory to something a bit fancier, and it still works. Denim jackets are like a great pair of jeans, they just keep getting better as they get older. Denim is an amazing material as well, besides being stylish; a good denim jacket is almost indestructible. If there is anything that all men and women should have their closets, it’s at least one good denim jacket.


Find the right color and look for you. Denim jackets are usually best when worn short. They can be a darker blue, or a washed out blue, or even another color. We tend to like sticking to the basics; a washed and faded blue is a classic. Keep it simple and keep it clean.


Buttons or zippers, pockets or patches, there are a lot of variations on the basic jacket. Again, we believe in keeping it simple. A denim jacket is something that you use as well as wear for a look. If you use pockets, then pick one with pockets, if you have never put anything in your jacket pocket in your life, then there isn’t much point in having pockets. We prefer snap closures but to each his own. What makes you comfortable. If the jacket is really old, then a few holes are not going to deter from its look, a patch job, or even a style patch will just make the jacket have more personality.


Make sure it fits. You do not want to wear a denim jacket long. It should reach your hips and no further. You also want to be able to move in it. It is not a straightjacket. If you feel like you are wearing a bulletproof vest and can’t move, then the fit is not right. Look over your shoulder, then brush some dust off your shoulder, both of those movements should be easy. A well worn in and fitted denim jacket should feel more like wearing a shirt than a jacket.


We have to add this in here as it’s almost traditional with older jean jackets. You can add patches or buttons, or turn it into something truly unique. Have fun with it. If you are going for the tough guy look though, a few happy face buttons will probably destroy the attempt.

Keep it clean

Though denim is remarkable for not needed to be washed as much as many fabrics and still maintaining a nice smell, you still need to keep it clean. Natural stains over time are a part of its charm, but looking like you just slept in a field after a rodeo isn’t going to work.

Denim jackets for men and women are something everyone should have. They have amazing wear and use. They are nearly indestructible. Like a great pair of jeans though, they need to be used and not left in the back of the closet for years and only brought out in an emergency. They get better with age and use, we wish we had the same luxury.