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Ongredients: The Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Ongredients, the all-in-one cleanser with a low pH, has launched on Kickstarter.

Those of you who suffer from overly sensitive skin will likely know how much of an ordeal it is to find just the right makeup and cleansing products. When you don’t have the right product, you can break out with acne, get sunburns from the slightest bit of sunlight, and suffer from skin irritation.

To stop your skin from breaking out, short and quick showers, plus skin care products with the right ingredients is crucial. Alkaline soaps, in particular, can be much harsher than a neutral or slightly acidic pH soap. Meanwhile, soaps with a pH slightly below neutral can be beneficial for moisturizing your skin and maintaining your skin barrier.

That’s why the Kickstarter campaign for the low-pH cleansing product, Ongredients, has caught our eye.

Soaps with a low pH usually aren’t very good at washing the body. But when Ongredients is in its suds pouch, it makes a lot more bubbles than the average cleanser, and is even strong enough to wipe away makeup.

Plus, Ongredients leaves your face feeling moisturized for much longer. When you’re done washing with Ongredients, there’s no tightness or irritation.

This ball-shaped cleanser is great for more than just washing the body, though. It also makes for a great shampoo. And regardless of whether you’re using Ongredients as a shampoo, face cleanser, or body wash, it’ll still leave you feeling smooth and refreshed.

Another great thing about Ongredients is that it’s cruelty-free vegan. This product uses no animal-based ingredients, and instead uses all-natural rose, kelp, and aloe extracts. These all-natural ingredients make Ongredients especially good for those of us with sensitive skin.

Plus, as you use the product, it melts away gradually, leaving no waste behind. And the suds pouch that comes with the product also decomposes naturally, so you can feel good while you protect the planet.

We hope you can get your hands on the skin-friendly and environmentally conscious shampoo and cleanser, Ongredients. It may be just the right product for those of us with sensitive skin.

You can find Ongredient’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter now.