Vernox’s Safe and Eco-friendly Tablemats: Available Now on Indiegogo.

Eco-friendly tableware specialist, Vernox, has unveiled their new stainless steel tablemats on Indiegogo.

Unique from conventional PVC or fabric tablemats, this is the first time we’ve seen tablemats made from stainless steel.

What’s especially worth noting about the Vernox tablemats is their special coating technology (PVD+NCC) that prevents mold and germs from forming on the surface.

Because of this special coating, the Vernox stainless steel tablemat is far more hygienic than other tablemats. You can also use these tablemats as their very own dishes if you don’t want to bring any extra dishes out.

But we can’t forget how important proper hygiene is to the dining experience. Fortunately, Vernox tablemats don’t stain, even if you spill food on them.

No special cleaning job is needed. Just a quick rinse with water will do the trick.

For sure, this tablemat’s uniqueness comes from its stainless steel material. As a result, the Vernox tablemats are glossier, better polished, and more luxurious than other tablemats.

Silicone tablemats start to melt and bend out of shape when you put hot food on them, and this gets worse as time goes on. But Vernox tablemats don’t have such problems because of their resistance to heat.

There may be some who are worried about whether it’s safe to use a metallic product. Fortunately, the Vernox tablemats come with a smooth finish, so you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself on the edges.

But when we use tablemats, we also care about things like the sounds they make, and whether or not they slide when you put dishes on top of them.

Vernox tablemats have solved all these problems. There’s less noise compared to silicone tablemats, and the tablemats don’t move when you put dishes on top of them due to the stainless steel’s characteristics.

These tablemats also have an air of luxury to the texture and color, and the oval-shaped design is perfect for restaurants, bars, or home dining.

The Vernox team told us, “To create just the right mood for your table, you need perfectly designed tableware. We designed our curved, oval-shaped tablemat for a classier, more inviting table atmosphere.”