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Types of Bathroom Mixer Taps

One of the most commonly bought bathroom taps is a bathroom mixer, which provides an array of benefits for daily use. The taps in the bathroom should be both stylish and functional and that is why so many people choose his particular option over traditional tap styles.

When it comes to bathroom mixers, however, there are a couple of options available which you will have to decide between, and that is exactly what we are going to take a look into today. Before you select a mixer, take a look at the options which you have before you.

Benefits of Bathroom Mixer Taps

The reason why so many choose bathroom mixer taps is that they offer a range of benefits which make them ideal for the bathroom. In style terms bathroom mixers offer a sleek and simple design which fit in with many bathroom themes. Additionally the ease with which temperature can be controlled makes this an ideal option for rinsing hands, washing faces and brushing teeth. And finally there is the convenience which these taps offer that make them so popular.

Bathroom Wall Mixers

The main draw when it comes to wall mounted mixers is that they are the perfect option for those looking into space saving. Just as the moniker suggests, these taps are directly mounted onto the wall with no pipes visible below. Not only does this free up space above the sink, it also gives a more spacious illusion, perfect for bathrooms which are not blessed with free space. This particular style of mixer is also incredibly easy to clean. The only drawback of the wall mounted option is that should something go wrong, repairs are made that much more difficult because of the plumbing.

Bathroom Mounted Mixers

Mounted bathroom mixers are fitted right on to the top of the sink and they provide a convenient and simple-to-use option. These are the most commonly selected mixer taps. Contrary to the wall mounted option, deck mounted mixers come in a far greater variety of styles, which can help you to continue the theme which you have chosen for the space. No matter what the existing connection of your taps may be, a mounted mixer can be easily installed.

Lever Control

Most bathroom mixers come with single lever control but there are also options for mixers with dual levers. These are not like pillar taps which are two independently controlled taps, but rather a single mixer tap with hot and cold levers. Deciding between the two will be based on the space which you have above the sink and how convenient you want your bathroom taps to be.

Space and style are the two key factors when it comes to your decision as to which mixer tap you should buy. If you do have the option for a wall mounted tap then you are going to get a look which offers a real sense of luxury and style about it. If however you prefer something a little bit easier to manage and install, the wall mounted mixer will be your best choice —which also has more style choices.