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Ideas for a hip and unique party

We all look for cool ways to entertain. Making a party where people remember and are excited to come back and see what you will do for the next time. Instead of just sticking out drinks and some sandwiches, use a little imagination and make it special. It really doesn’t take too much. There are thousands of different party ideas that can be done, but for this article, we will keep it simple and close to our hipster’s hearts. This is ideal for a small and friendly party of friends.


This is an oldie but a goodie. It used to be one of the coolest and fun party things back in the 70’s. Anyone that was anyone had a fondue party. Basically, this is a bowl of hot broth, oil, or cheese that you cook food at the table with. The food is cut into small bite-sized morsels, and the guests all have long slender forks to spear it and dip it in the hot pot to cook. It is great for small social gatherings, as it gives everyone something to do while chatting, so there are fewer breaks in the action

Old time cocktails

If you are not someone that drinks, then skip over this one. Old time cocktails are fun to make and taste. You can find many recipes online for such things as a Singapore Sling or a Tom Collins. You can take them and have your guests test them out and rate them. You can feel as if you have stepped into the past.

Murder mystery

These have been around for ages for parties. There are a few companies that make a full kit for it. They are a great way to break the ice with new people and bring people out of their shells, as it is basically play acting. You can pick a roaring 20’s murder and assign people their characters. You can assign the characters that are most like them, or our favorite, the most opposite. It is quite surprising when you give them a character to play that is not like them, it lets their inner secret selves show its face sometimes.

Party games

For hundreds of years, people have played party games. Rarely do you see them these days, and that’s a sad shame. There is a reason why they used to be played. It opens people up and breaks a lot of ice. The hardest part of this is getting people to break out of the stuffy shell they often put themselves in. A good idea is to start with something low stress and easy. A word game, and then ramp it up to something silly and fun. There are many books on party games of the past, hundreds of years ago even. Make your party unique, by doing something that people have done for centuries.

Photo opp

People love pictures of themselves; all you have to do is look at how many selfies are online. In fact, the word selfie came into being to cover this phenomenon. People have always loved pictures of themselves, so give them a stage set, some mardi gras masks, or anything interesting and let them go. Give them something unique for them to have more than just the normal selfie with, they will remember it.


Contests a great way to get people loosened up as well. For instance, people might not take an Easter egg hunt seriously, but put $20 bills in the eggs, and interest goes up dramatically. Give prizes for things. Best dressed, coolest story, winning a party game, or just being there. A bag of cheap swag is always appreciated. Anything that makes people happy and makes them want to come back is a winner.

Some things might seem silly to try, but in reality, most people still want to try them. It’s like karaoke, some people say they don’t want to do it, but deep inside, they really want to. Let people try new things and give them an excuse, and they will love you for it. People sometimes need to let their inner child out, and there is never a better time than a party with friends to let that happen. Have fun and party on Garth.