Laundry Design Tips

It’s not everybody’s favourite place to spend their free moments but spending a frequent amount of time in your laundry room is unavoidable when it comes to housework. Taking that all into consideration there are ways that your laundry room can exude class and style. We have included some tips on how to make your laundry room less bleak and more chic.

Match Your Finishes to your Home

A running theme throughout your home tends to fall to the wayside when it comes to a laundry room. It’s usually the last job to do when you are designing your home, but it is more important than you may think. A homely feeling can make all of the washing and folding a lot easier on the eye. Extend your theme to match the fittings or design of your home. Is there a particular shade or colour you like? Extend that personality through to the room. Colour coordinate your fittings and your laundry room accessories. That includes everything from the colour of the walls to things like your laundry sink, laundry mixer and laundry taps.

Brighten the Room

A lot of laundry rooms tend to have no windows, this can lead to the room being very dull and enclosed. Getting a window fitted may not be ideal for everyone but no need to worry as you can achieve a brightening effect in other ways. Keeping the colour scheme light will create the image of a larger surface area and brighten the room as a whole. When planning the design, integrate as much colour as possible, your wall paint/wallpapering, furniture and accessories will create this illusion. If a window is definitely out of the question, hanging a mirror will also reflect the little light the room gets.

Personalise to your Taste

Like every other room, personalising your laundry area will give it a nice look and your own personal touch. Decorate with art you like or pictures of your loved ones, as mentioned before your personality can shine through your design. You don’t have to stop at art or photos, add some greenery. The odd plant or two will give the room a natural feel whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. You can also water them directly from your laundry mixer — stylish and convenient.

Take Inspiration

Not sure on what design to go with? Take inspiration from others. Have you noticed any friends or family designs that you are fond of? Ask where they got the materials, this will give you a great idea of availability and cost too. Using the internet is also a fantastic option to kick off your creative spark. Obviously search engines are a great way to start but websites like Reddit and Pinterest are constantly sharing people’s creations and choices. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica but you can create your own room designing jigsaw from a vast array of ideas. It’s completely fine to like the wall colour from one house, laundry sink from another and random items you may pick up along the way.

Simple laundry design tips which will give this space the makeover it needs.