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What is The Difference Between a Bathroom Wash Basin and Sink?

To some, the difference between a bathroom sink and a wash basin is nothing more than a question of semantics. The reality however, is that over time we have very much been able to differentiate between these two options for the bathroom. 

Traditionally speaking the bathroom wash basin was a disconnected option which was used for handwashing, and a sink would be fully connected with a drain. In the modern age however both options are connected with a drain, yet there are some characteristics of each which help us to set them apart. If you are redesigning your bathroom, here is what you need to know about the differences between these two options. 

Sink Usage

When choosing between a bathroom basin and sink, the key consideration which you should make is usage. Generally speaking the sink is a much larger option than the basin, which lends itself more to functions beyond simply washing your hands after going to the bathroom. For example brushing teeth, washing your face and perhaps even washing a child’s feet; these all work best with a larger sink. A basin on the other hand is often much smaller and as such, limited to simple tasks such as washing your hands. For this reason a basin is often preferred in toilet-only bathrooms.  

Sink Style Choices

Whilst a sink may be larger than a bathroom wash basin, the reality is that the basin actually offers more by way of style choice. Often sinks are built into the countertop of the bathroom, or occasionally attached to the wall. When it comes to the basin however, this usually sits on top of the counter, which means that the entire unit is visible. This is perfect for the addition of glass basins and the use of additional materials with great aesthetic value. 

Sink Tap Options 

Another important consideration to make is the range of taps options which you will have available based on your choice of bathroom sink or basin. This again is down to the size and shape of the basin versus the sink. If you are looking to have a wide range of choices with regards to the taps then you will be limited if you opt for the basin. This is often what encourages more people to look at sink options instead of installing a smaller, and more restrictive basin. 

Sink Maintenance 

There isn’t much difference regarding the cleaning between a bathroom sink and a basin but there is  when it comes general maintenance and to connectivity. Repairs and installation of a basin are much easier than they are with a sink, generally because of it sits outside the counter. Sinks are often integrated or dropped into the counter which means there is a little bit extra to do whenever maintenance is required. 

Traditionally speaking the bathroom basin and the sink were one in the same, over time however, these two have become slightly different features of the bathroom. It is worth considering exactly what you need from the sink or basin, prior to installing your new bathroom.