Great Ways To Calm Your Mind Before Bed

Have you ever had a stressful day, packed with important meetings and deadlines and still found yourself unable to get to sleep after you have switched off the light? We have all been there. Unfortunately, the stresses of modern life mean that your mind will often be left racing before bed time, thinking about your to-do list for tomorrow, or worrying about whether the presentation you delivered went as well as you’d hoped. If you’re experiencing this, don’t worry – with these tips and tricks to quiet and calm your mind before bed, you’ll be having restful and regenerative sleep in no time at all!

Avoid Scrolling Through Your Phone

You’ve probably heard this tip countless times before but avoiding looking at your phone before bed (however tempting) is a great way to calm your mind and ensure that you enjoy a restful and uninterrupted sleep. If you can’t avoid looking at your phone before bed, then consider switching your phone onto the night mode setting. The night mode setting filters out the blue light that is being emitted from your phone – studies have proven that staring at blue light right before bed can interfere with getting to sleep easily. If you want an alternative way to occupy your mind before bed, consider reading a book or listening to an audiobook or podcast – this is a productive way to ensure that your brain is ready for sleep.

Light Some Candles

Lighting is really important in any bedroom setting. Having cold blue overhead lights can create a sterile atmosphere in your bedroom. You want to install light fixtures that give off a warm, cozy, yellow or orange light – this will give your bedroom a welcoming and relaxing feel. If you really want to make your bedroom cozy, consider purchasing some mood lighting, such as candles or fairy lights. Candles will give off a warm, flickering light, which will be sure to calm you down and stop those racing thoughts before bed.

Consider CBD

CBD is a great tool that many people use to improve their sleep quality and ensure they get to sleep easily. CBD has all the benefits of marijuana without any of the psychoactive effects – CBD will simply relax your body and make you feel calm and relaxed before bed. CBD is a powerful tool that fosters a balance between mind and body and many people across the world swear by it to put them into a restful state. If you’re starting off using CBD then CBD roll-ons are a great idea – these are easy to use – simply roll the applicator a few times over your skin before you’re ready to sleep and you’re good to go!

Getting to sleep can be notoriously difficult. As much as we’d like to believe that we can get a restful night’s sleep simply by tiring ourselves out in the day, this is often not the case. If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep then have a read through these easy tips and tricks and consider implementing them into your bedtime routine.